Reaz Mahmood
Coordinator of Student Media at Portland State University
To Whom It May Concern:
I’ve had the pleasure of advising Keegan Meyer for the past year while he served as the manager of Portland State University’s student-run radio station, KPSU. He was one of the most engaged, active student leaders I’ve encountered in my six years of teaching and advising at the collegiate level.
One of the first things that struck me about Keegan was his ability to stay on top of a very complex organization with approximately 70 members. Without the right manager, this organization would quickly fall apart. In our advising sessions, he routinely had command of pertinent details, from organizational policies, to the budget, to industry trends and other factors for consideration.
Additionally, Keegan proved to be highly proactive, independently seeking out meetings with various members of the PSU community in his effort to effectively navigate the institution and seek the best possible outcomes for KPSU. In the process, I believe he developed a level of institutional knowledge that the vast majority of his peers, and even many PSU staff members, do not possess. This was in keeping with his commitment to PSU beyond the radio station. He deliberated and collaborated with other campus leaders to make things happen, as well as bring important issues to the forefront in the public forum. If he thought of a way to make PSU better, he pursued it.
Finally, and perhaps most importantly, Keegan honed a skill for managing difficult situations, particularly those involving interpersonal conflict. On a number of occasions, he served as the voice of reason, considering multiple perspectives and settling on courses of action that would diffuse tensions and lead to positive outcomes for all involved. This took patience and effective, sensitive communication, and it highlighted his natural leadership ability.
In all, Keegan was a tremendous asset to his organization and campus community. I hope you give him your full consideration. If I could provide any further information, please email me at or call me at (503) 725-5687.
Reaz Mahmood

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Calli Mcdermott
Legislative Assistant at Oregon Legislature

Keegan is a joy to work with! He has the ability to work in any situation with clear direction and determination, which made him a wonderful manager and co-worker during our time at KPSU. He is a stellar communicator and is able to work with anyone individually or in large groups because of those skills. I very much admire and respect Keegan’s passion for what he does and would recommend him any day of the week!

May 30, 2014, Calli reported to Keegan at KPSU
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Pete Bejarano
Auditor at Pauly Rogers and Co

Keegan is a natural communicator, social media mogul, and entertainment coordinator and manager. In all my years as a hiring manager, I’ve come to know raw talent in interpersonal skill when I see it. Combine that with leadership experience, drive, intelligence, and determination – and you have the markings of someone who not only is capable of great things, he’s already doing them all the time. Keegan has steered the KPSU ship through troubled waters and laid the groundwork for success beyond his tenure here. That dedication to improving an organization selflessly – that is truly rare trait. All this and he’s a blast to hang out with.

February 25, 2014, Pete reported to Keegan at KPSU
James Turk
Promotions at Music Millennium

Keegan was an excellent employee and in every sense a skilled collaborator and peer. He was tireless in his efforts to improve KPSU and create a more secure future for the station. Without his energy and determination, KPSU would have been worse off in every imaginable scenario. I am proud to see his continued efforts since assuming the Station Manager position, and anticipate even greater accomplishments in his future.

March 11, 2014, James managed Keegan at KPSU

Peter Sampson
Membership Sales Supervisor at AAA Oregon/Idaho

I have had the pleasure of working with Keegan at KPSU for some time. As station Promotion Director, Keegan is responsible for driving a large part of our listenership and event creation and attendance.

Keegan consistently produces well attended events of high-quality, assists me in a cross functional role with creative sponsor campaigns, and is timely and thorough in all that he does. Directly because of Keegan I am able to generate business on a more consistent basis than I would otherwise be able to do on my own.

Keegan would be an asset to any company hoping to promote their business in a successful and cost-efficient way.

November 10, 2012, Peter worked with Keegan at KPSU